Firmware Update Tips

You're just minutes away from an improved IZON experience! Just follow the simple instructions below to update your IZON with the latest version of the firmware for your camera. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully to update IZON without interruption.

  • 1. Make sure that IZON is plugged in. If you have IZON connected to an outlet or power strip controlled by a wall switch, do NOT turn the switch OFF at any time during the update; this will cause the update process to fail and IZON will become unresponsive and require service from Stem.

  • 2. Your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network where IZON is installed in order to perform the firmware update. Remote Wi-Fi connections do not provide optimal stability for this process and are not supported.

  • 3. Each IZON camera must be updated individually. Launch the app and navigate to IZON Settings. Touch "Firmware" and then "Check for Updates" to verify that a firmware update is available.

  • 4. If a firmware update is available, you may see an alert asking you to reboot IZON before you may begin the update process. Unplug the camera as instructed, wait a few seconds and then plug IZON in again. Wait until the IZON LED ultimately returns to a solid green before proceeding.

  • 5. Return to IZON Settings and touch "Firmware" and then "Check for Updates" again. You should now see that the firmware update is available and can touch "Update Now" to begin. You will see a white spinner as the firmware update is downloaded, then an alert reminding you not to unplug IZON or interrupt power in any way during the update process itself. Touch "OK" to agree and be returned to the IZON List View showing all cameras currently installed on your Stem Account.

  • 6. IZON will appear in this list and show status as "Updating". As the process continues, IZON will restart, the LED will show solid green when the camera rejoins the Wi-Fi network, and IZON will be available for use in the app when the update is complete.

You're done! If you have any questions about this update process, please email us directly: