Watch & listen from anywhere. Automatically record noise & motion. Use our free app to setup in minutes on your Wi-Fi network. Securely view live video, receive alerts for noise & motion, and automatically record video clips to the Cloud. Be there, even when you're not.

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Fast and easy setup.

Use the app to create a unique QR Code with information about your Wi-Fi network. With firmware v2.0, the IZON camera can scan the code, and get connected in just a few minutes. It's that simple.

Whether you've purchased a new IZON or updated an existing IZON camera to new firmware, setting up an IZON on your Wi-Fi network is as easy as 1-2-3. Just log in to your free Stem Account, enter the password for your home network, and show the displayed QR Code to IZON. Within minutes, you're streaming real-time audio and video to your iOS device.



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App Controlled.

IZON requires no computer, no wires to install. All you need is a Wi-Fi network with an Internet connection. Download the free IZON App and use your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to pair IZON with your home network. Total control, in the palm of your hand.

IZON is the original post-computer network accessory. Just plug IZON into a power source using the included 9' USB cable and power supply. Once you're set up, configure and control IZON right from the app. Adjust settings, turn on/off noise and motion detection, and view video alerts — all on your mobile device.



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Secure real-time video.

IZON lets you watch & listen from anywhere, with secure access to the IZON video stream. There's no time to lose; you'll see everything as it happens, in real-time.

Only you have access to your IZON. Your free Stem Account is password-protected by bank-level security. Live video streams to your mobile device over Edge, 3G/4G and Wi-Fi networks, whether you're in the next room or on your next trip to Tahiti.




Free Video Uploads.

Introducing the Stem Cloud video management service. Set your IZON to monitor noise & motion, and automatically record video to Stem Cloud when an event occurs. Get an alert or notification and view the video right away, or at a later time. Free video uploads — smart, simple and secure.

Each IZON can upload 25 videos per day. Every night at midnight GMT, the counter resets and you can record more videos. Receive unlimited alerts for events without video. Do nothing and alerts will expire after 7 days, or mark up to 100 events to be saved in Stem Cloud for as long as you like. Touch the Alerts tab at any time to see videos, identified by IZON camera, date and time, and type of alert. It's that easy.



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Noise & Motion Alerts.

Tell IZON what to watch & listen for when you adjust sensitivity for Noise & Motion Detection. Easily choose an area within the camera's view for active motion monitoring. Everything outside the chosen area is ignored, so you'll only capture the events that matter most.

Let IZON alert you whenever an event is triggered. Record video automatically and view it the moment you get an alert. Even if the app is closed, you can receive a push notification to make sure you don't miss a thing. IZON gives you peace of mind.



box contents
box contents

Box Contents.

IZON video monitor & base • Mounting hardware
9' power cable • AC power supply (100/240v)
Power adapters (varies by region) • Quick start guide

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